Thursday, 17 December 2009

Catch up work

Louis, it's coming on quite well, and needs to be brought up to date quickly - it should have been ready for today. So get it done as fast as you can, all seven points, please.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I am going to make a school website that will link to my own schools media department. On my site I would like there to be all necessary links and information that are easily accessible. The website aims to inform parents, students, teachers and people who are interested in all aspects of the school. I will put all the links down the left hand column. The middle column will have general details about the school and personal views from the head teacher and what he is trying to achieve throughout the school. On the website I plan to have a large number of photographs and images of the school, students and there achievements. On the last column on the right hand side of the web page it will be a column full of news and the latest events and things happening around the school e.g holidays, drama/theatre events, school trips, sporting events and charity fundraisers the school is involved in. I want my website to look professional, modern. I also want my site to look organised and well thought out. My website will be fully functional and hopefully very sophisticated. I want my website to be easily understandable and accessible for everyone so they can find out whatever information is necessary.