Friday, 12 March 2010


For this piece of my coursework I am going to make a charity website. The main objective of this charity website is to make it look persuasive and make people want to donate to help the charity. The charity I have chosen is a Cancer Trust. I chose Cancer Trust because it means something to me as I know people who have got cancer, had cancer, and passed away through cancer. I think Cancer Trust is a very good charity as it supports people with cancer and the families struggling to cope with people who have cancer. It also is researching in ways to try and stop cancer and help people who have cancer and finding new treatments. I also wanted to do a Cancer website because the people who usually get cancer are just unfortunate, I know people who have never smoked and been very healthy people and they have got cancer. Cancer is a very horrible thing to have and I personally know the stresses the families go through when suffering because of cancer. That is the main reason why I chose to do cancer because it is close to me.

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