Friday, 12 March 2010

What My Site Will Do


The appearance of my site will be quite basic, I have decided to do it basic because I am doing it around cancer which is a very emotive subject so I don’t want a really loud website because I don’t want to cause any offence to anyone. I am using a soft blue colour scheme so it isn’t to in your face. But I am going to put quite an in your face donate button on each page of the website because we want to get people to donate money. I plan to have large variety of pictures on my website. I also plan to have a couple of audio videos.


Once I have finished my website it should be fully functional. By this I mean all the links should work, all the audio and videos should work and the site. The site needs to be fully functioning because if it wasn’t people are going to donate money because they would think if this was a proper website it wouldn’t be not working so the might be very cautious to donate as they don’t trust the website.

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